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Thank you so much for your support over the years!
Tiger Kitchen is temporarily on hiatus but we hope to be back with you soon.

Tiger Kitchen aims to share a fun, enjoyable experience of Bengali cuisine with people who love food!

Founded by passionate foodie and writer, Shahnaz, in April 2016, Tiger Kitchen runs group cookery classes and supper clubs to bring the beauty of Bengali cuisine to seasoned foodies and kitchen novices alike. We also offer private classes by request - both in-person and online - and a catering service.


Eating and cooking is synonymous with love and hospitality in Bengali culture. We hope that you feel the same sense of warmth and welcome at all of our classes and clubs, and that you come back for more food and fun, again and again!

What our attendees say...

Lovely sociable, intimate set up. It was a great evening...I would definitely do this again!

Really friendly, helpful and personal! The teaching was clear, informal, composed and very supportive."

Will, Hackney

Connie, food blogger @ConnieConsumes

Holly, West London

Vicky, food blogger @Dalton_Banks

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