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Supper Clubs

Our supper clubs are a chance for diners to enjoy the delights of truly authentic Bengali cuisine, in pop-up locations across London and even as far as Addis Ababa and Harare!

All menus are designed with love by Shahnaz, Founder of Tiger Kitchen. We are happy to accomodate for any dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, halal, allergies) - just drop us a line.

Our supper clubs are a chance for you to meet new people, or come along with a group you already know, and immerse yourself in a Bengali-inspired evening of fabulous food, music and conversation.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our supper clubs soon!

Previous Supper Clubs

A Year of Tiger Kitchen | Supper Club - SOLD OUT


Saturday 8th April | 7.30pm - 10.00pm

London Cooking Project

From cooking classes and supper clubs, to private catering and even a market stall – it’s been a huge year for us and we’re excited to celebrate our 1st birthday with you! Join us for an evening of delicious Bengali food, a warm vibe and fantastic people. We can cater to most dietary requirements so just drop us a line.

Nimbu pani | a refreshing lime and fresh mint sherbet drink
Bhaja | chunks of cod or aubergine (v) in a spicy chickpea batter
Piaz salad | traditional Bengali salad with a garlic and lemon dressing
Doi | mint yogurt dip

Mughlai kurma | tender pieces of chicken or pumpkin (v) in an aromatic yogurt sauce
Niramish | green beans, potatoes and carrots stir-fried with mustard seeds
Shak | wilted chard with red chilli
Jeera pulao | basmati rice with fried onions and cumin

Narikel pita | coconut pastry puffs served with crème fraiche and mango coulis
Masala cha | tea infused with cinnamon and cloves

Diners also get a party bag to take the celebration home with them!

Wednesday 31 August 2016 | 7.00pm - 9.30pm

The Canvas Cafe

Diners will enjoy a Bengali-summer inspired meal, complete with traditional decor and music for a full sensory experience. We are always happy to provide vegetarian and vegan options - please email to let us know.

  • Nimbu pani | a refreshing lime sherbet served with fresh mint

  • Chotpotay | spicy chickpeas served with tamarind sauce and a dollop of yogurt and mini crispy puris - traditional Bengali street food! 

  • Tandoori | roasted chicken drumsticks or chunks of cauliflower (v) marinated in spicy yogurt

  • Pulao rice | fragrant basmati rice cooked with fried onions, aromatic spices and cumin 

  • Niramish | a lightly spiced vegetable curry of potatoes, peas, carrots and green beans. 

  • Narikel pita | coconut pastry puffs served with mango lassi ice-cream

Diners also get a mini treat to take away with them!

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